SocialPlus Review - Be aware of Misleading Reviews

As SocialPlus continues to grow, and helps more satisfied clients establish themselves on social media, through safe promotions. Sadly, some of our competitors has created, or paid for misleading, and negative "reviews" pointed towards our website. In this blog post, we will point out these misleading "reviews", and their motives, which are very obvious.

SocialPlus Review - Be aware of Misleading Reviews

The intention of this blog post is to help you identify misleading "reviews". Sadly, some of our competitors has created, or paid for misleading, and negative "reviews" pointed towards our website. In this blog post, we will point out these misleading "reviews", which are very obvious. All of these websites has the same layout, design and recommendations of similar services in common, which they operate, and own.

We will list all the websites containing disinformation, and misleading "reviews" directed at us, and others, to help you make better decisions based on facts, and not lies made by these untrustworthy services.

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Pay attention to the following:

  • Has similar layout, pros/cons design, and exact same "recommendations".
  • They all recommend the same three services (Growthoid, Stellation Media, Nitreo), which they own, and operate. We highly suggest staying away from these services, as they can get your account banned, more about why this is below.
  • All has the same "Social share" sidebar.

1. (Misleading review)


Archive Link:


2. (Misleading review)


Archive Link:


3. (Misleading review)


Archive Link:


4. (Misleading)

And finally Quantummarkter, which is the primary domain, that has existed the longest. The owner of this domain, is also the owner of the social growth service called Media Mister, and now Growthoid.



You can see that Quantummarkter also shares the same design, as the others, with the exact same recommendations and pros/cons design.



Based on the above information, it would seem natural, that they are attempting to create misleading information about their competitors, and recommend their own services in the meantime, which they operate, and own.

However, you should be VERY CAUTIOUS, with the services which they recommend as "Top tools", such as Growthoid. These are actually violating Instagram's terms of use, and can get your account banned easily, as you will need to share your social media login credentials for this to work. The way Growthoid works, is that they like other posts in your niche on your behalf, or in other words, with your Instagram account. This directly violates the terms of Instagram, which goes to show, that they have no clue whatsoever what they are doing.

At SocialPlus, we will never ask you for your login credentials to any of your social media accounts, this keeps your account safe. We only use the safest methods, without making any compromises with the quality! You can try our free trial, to see this for yourself. Learn more at our knowledge base.

Why is SocialPlus safe to use?

These are facts, nothing else. One of the things that separates SocialPlus from many others, is that we will never ask for your login credentials for any of your social media accounts! This ensures that your account stays safe, and will never get banned from using our services. More about this below.

Anyone can use SocialPlus to buy engagement, even for others, so Instagram and YouTube does not act on it. If they did, you could in theory, get anyone banned, by simply buying engagement for their account. Makes sense? We only use the safest methods, which cannot be said for many others out there.

In doubt?

We don't blame you. After all, this is the goal of these misleading reviews, and the owners behind them, who use childish and unlawful tactics to compete, such as disinformation.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, of course! All new legitimate users can claim $5.00 free credits to their SocialPlus account balance, to try us out first. No commitments! Simply register a free account, and reach out to our support team to claim this offer.

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