How to keep your Instagram account safe

You could be putting your Instagram account at unnecessary risks, by using other services, who has no idea of what they are doing. We recommend reading this guide, to help you learn how to keep your Instagram account safe, and determine which services are safe to use, and which are not.

How to keep your Instagram account safe

In this blog post, we will help you take the necessary steps to keep your Instagram account safe, and understand what kind of services that puts your account at risk of being locked for suspicious activity, or banned entirely. We would not want that to happen, right?

The services we provide at SocialPlus are perfectly safe to use, and does not put your account at any risks at all. Unlike many others, we only use the safest promotion methods.

We will never ask for your login credentials for your Instagram account. This ensures that your account stays safe, and will not get banned. In fact, anyone can use SocialPlus to buy engagement, even for others, so Instagram does not act on it.

Never share your login credentials

Sadly, there are many services, and apps out there who has no idea of what they are doing. By using such services or apps, you could be putting your Instagram account at risk of being locked, or banner. We highly suggest avoiding these entirely, and only use safe services.

To name a few of these, are Stellation Media, Upleap, Ampfluence, Kicksta, FollowAdder, Nitreo, Growthoid and more. The same also goes for Unfollow apps, anything that asks for your credentials are potentially harmful to your account. Keep this in mind.

These so-called “Growth services” requires your login credentials to work, which puts your account at risk. More about this below.

A good and simple rule to follow is always: If someone asks for your Instagram login credentials, run away screaming!

To make matters worse, these services often tell you, that their services are safe to use, and that account managers will handle your growth.

The reality is that they use automated software to follow/unfollow, like and comment on others posts and profiles in your niche, on your behalf, or in other words, with your Instagram account – this is why they need your login credentials.

Instagram can easily detect these automated tasks, and as this violates the terms of service, Instagram may lock or ban your account entirely because of this.

At SocialPlus you can rest assured, knowing that we only use the safest promotion methods, to help boost your presence and build an audience.

Update your password, and remove untrustworthy apps

Are you currently, or have you used any of the aforementioned services before? Then you should change your Instagram password right away, and start looking for other services, who understands how to deliver safe promotions, and help you rank, and grow an audience faster, without putting your account at risk.

Another thing you should check for is if you have allowed third party apps access to your Instagram account. This can also put your account at risk.

How to remove untrustworthy Instagram apps

Have you seen this before?

If you have used any of the services mentioned above, there’s a chance that you might have seen this message from Instagram before.

Did you know? When you use SocialPlus, you can say goodbye to these messages for good! We only use the safest promotions. Learn more below.


What makes SocialPlus different?

Our team has more than 10 years of experience combined, and have been involved with Instagram ever since its launch back in 2011. This means, that we have an extensive understanding of how their algorithms work, and how they have changed throughout the years. More importantly, the ranking, and growth factors that still matters today.

You can safely use our services, and remain certain that you will never put your account at risk. We will never ask for your login credentials, and we will continue to provide the same high quality services, and marketing strategies to help you grow your presence on Instagram and YouTube much faster.

Make sure to read our strategies, insights and tips for ranking, and growing an audience on Instagram, to help you understand how buying followers and likes can help you grow organically.

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