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With our custom-built dashboard, you can easily keep track of your progress and statistics. All your verified referrals will appear here, as well as the orders they place along with their approval status, commission and date of the order.

Our team consists of some of the leading marketing experts, and developers in the industry. With our custom-built and simplified dashboard, you have everything you need at one place.


What makes us different

We do more than just delivering high quality social media services. Our team has years of experience with marketing, and know what works, and what does not. On top of the services we already provide, our digital marketing experts also share their insights, strategies and tips to help our customers grow faster.

Our team also develops free tools such as our Instagram Hashtag Generator and Profile analyzer to provide more value to our customers. This is what separates SocialPlus from the rest of the industry.


Optimized for all devices

In today's world, customers can shop from their phone, tablet or computer. Our experienced developers knows the importance of an optimized platform for all devices, as it helps boost conversion rate, and thereby providing better results for you, and for us.

Rest assured knowing that our platform appears, and converts great on all devices.

Commission Rates

Earn up to 30% commission.


Easily and professionally keep track of your referrals, and their earnings on the dashboard.

24/7 Support

We are always here to help you, whether you have general questions or technical issues.


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How long does it take for an order to be approved?

We have a holding period of 60 days before approving orders that your referrals place with us. All referral orders that are pending approval will show as "Pending" on the dashboard. This is to ensure that all orders are delivered properly and to handle any potential customer disputes, before releasing commissions.

When can I request a withdrawal of my earnings?

You can request a withdrawal of your earnings as soon as you have reached a minimum of $100.00 approved earnings.

How do I find my referral link?

Your unique referral link can be found under the dashboard. You can also add the parameter utm_affiliate to any link.

How are commissions calculated?

We calculate your commission based on the item cost, excluding transaction fees, taxes etc. For example, if one of your referrals create an order totaling $20.00 (excl. fees) you will receive a percentage-based commission on this amount. Assuming your commission is 15% you would receive $3.00 commissions.

Why has one of my referrals orders been denied?

While most orders usually are approved, it can happen that some orders placed by your referrals will be denied. This can happen if your referral has received a refund for their order, broken our terms and conditions or similar situations.

Will I earn a commission from every order my referrals make?

Yes, you will continue to earn commissions from each order that your referrals place with us.

Can I get a unique coupon code to promote?

Yes, it is possible to get a unique coupon code, which you can use to attract new referrals easier, and in your promotion campaigns. However, only a select number of affiliates qualifies for this feature, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss your chances of getting a unique coupon code, please reach out to our support team.

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